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independent policy research and advocacy Civil Society Organization

The Populace Foundation International (TPFI) is an Indigenous Civil Society and Sustainable Development and Humanitarian-Aid Organization founded since August 2005 and incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee at the Uganda Registration Services Bureau and fully registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with National Bureau for Non-Governmental Organisations, Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It is an independent policy research and advocacy Civil Society Organization (CSO) whose geographical coverage of operations includes Uganda with collaborative programmes and initiatives that stretch beyond – the East African Community (EAC), Great Lakes Region, East & Horn of Africa, Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Continent and the Globe at large.

Richard Obedi



TPFI is an NGO that is registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee. It is a policy research and an advocacy Civil Society Organization (CSO) that is fully operational in designated districts in Northern Uganda. We have also been collaborating with other key stakeholders at the national level and also in the Great Lakes Region.


“TPFI is an indigenous Organization that provides a supportive environment that enables the cultivation and restoration of hope through peace-education, well-being, human rights advocacy, psycho-social support programmes, peace-building, capacity-building and any other efforts that facilitate building fulfilled lives, harmonious, inter - generational community and a dynamic society.”


“TPFI envisions a society where humanity, social justice and human rights are all respected in the development process - with specific objectives such as saving lives, alleviating suffering and maintaining human dignity during and in the aftermath of man-made crises and natural disasters, as well as preventing and strengthening preparedness for the occurrence of such situations.”


To be the Frontline (Compassion For Humanity) Organisation Championing Agenda of Priorities & Developing a Stronger Institutional Mechanism that is able to Provide Platforms for the Articulation of the Voices of the Citizenry inclusive of all Other Special Interests Groups.


Courage - To Speak for Others (The Voiceless), Truth & Justice, Transparency, Participation & Involvement, Gender Equality, Respect, Simplicity, Humility.

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1. To help create and build bilateral bridges between local and international health, education and human rights advocacy groups, researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and activists.

2. To gather, process, disseminate information, educate, inculcate and cause awareness among the citizenry on social, economic, political & other public issues &through printing and publishing any pamphlets, articles in news¬papers, periodical, books or leaflets the Organization may think desirable for the promotion of its objectives;

3. To work with Governments and other local and international Non-Governmental Organizations in efforts that protect the rights of citizenry and promote literal learning, networking and information exchange.

4. To operate, establish or engage in activities such as projects, schemes, and programs for advancing and furtherance of the community, in particular by promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)-

5. To coordinate and collaborate with all the Govern-ment’s Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs) involved in the provision of socio-economic services, health promotion and disease control and advocacy for education including health education, technology, research, cultural education and other activities related thereto

6. To offer trainings to leaders at various levels, in conflict resolution skills and peace building approaches that promote and advocate for conflict resolution including, but not limited, to mediation, arbitration, intercultural communication, research and training, crime prevention and any other activity related thereto;

7. To establish, promote and sustain friendly working relations, understanding, solidarity and goodwill with other Agencies, Associations, Groups, Institutions and Authorities with similar aims and objectives as those of the Organization.

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