Climate Change Expert Group

TPFI participates in Climate Change Expert Group – discussions to understand better Uganda's Climate Change Response with the ultimate objective to prompt various actors to do more work as a Call to Action to address Climate Change Challenge in Uganda and beyond.

Climate change challenge is a growing challenge. While its science is quite complicated for some, its impacts, are real, affecting developed and developing nations like. Poorer countries like Uganda are more vulnerable to climate change impacts given their heavy dependence on nature, and the limited alternative livelihoods as a result of poverty. Increased average temperatures, have disrupted the rain seasons, and increased the frequency of extreme events including floods and droughts and cyclones.

While cyclones are not common in Uganda, a recent one that hit the Mozambique area disrupted the rainfall patterns in East Africa and partly explains the intense heat experienced during the month of March 2019. Response measures have been put in place at both global and national levels. The 2015 Paris Agreement aims at strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change by:-

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