Democracy, Human Rights & Electoral Governance Programme


Democracy, Human Rights & Electoral Governance Programme: Civic & Voter Education (CAVE) & Election Observation Mission (EOM).

Under this signature programme, TPFI as a human rights-centered and democratic governance leaning CSO having been accredited by both the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) and Electoral Commission (EC) to observe all activities related to 2021 Uganda’s General Elections.

With technical support from the International Institute for Democracy & Electoral Assistance (International - IDEA), TPFI invoked The African Charter on Democracy, Elections & Governance and successfully deployed 25 Election Observers countrywide to monitor, observe and assess Uganda’s electoral governance under the theme “Facilitating Democracy Through Election Monitoring” in the 2021 Uganda’s General Elections.

Report compilation is underway, however the previous 2016 Uganda’s and 2017 Kenya's General Elections are attached in the Documents and Reports page.

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