Human Rights Advocacy & Access To Justice (HRAA2J) Programme


Human Rights Advocacy & Access To Justice (HRAA2J) Programme; A Decade Later: Promoting Social Justice & Inclusive Development in Post-War Northern Uganda - A Case Of Lango Sub-Region (From Rhetoric To Practice)!

TPFI in partnership with Lango Camp Host Association (LACHA) are taking lead in championing and raising the voices of LACHA members (both women and men) in demanding for their rights and compensations for the damages, degradation and destruction caused on their land and environment due to the establishment of IDP camps. Following an “Environmental Audit Survey (EAS), 2015: Ascertaining the extent of damage, degradation and destruction to land and the environment in areas where internally displaced persons (IDP) camps were established in Lira, Alebtong, Otuke, Kole & Oyam Districts, Lango Sub-Region”,

This signature programme aimed at seeking justice, redress and grievance concerns of Association members through pursuit in an on-going court case (In The High Court of Uganda At Lira, Civil Suit No. 027 of 2016; Oneka Jackson & 5505 Others as Plaintiffs Vs. Attorney General as Defendant) – where hearings have officially been closed and we have also successfully conducted locus on 26th March 2021 and now awaits judgment/ ruling for justice to be delivered to these indigent.

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