TPFI was selected for training by the IGAD-Centre of Excellence for Preventing & Countering Violent Extremism (ICEP/CVE): Capacity Building for CSO Networks in the IGAD Region. The training brought together CSO representatives and youth networks from Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda aimed at enhancing participants understanding of P/CVE; Gender and P/CVE; P/CVE Programming and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Best-Practices applied to P/CVE Programmes.

The December 2015 UN Secretary General’s Plan of Action (PoA) to Prevent Violent Extremism that recognizes the vitality of education to address the drivers of violence both in the formal and informal structures and following the United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UN-SCRs) 2178 & 2250 highlighting the need for quality education for peace that equips young people with the ability to constructively engage in civic structures and political processes, this will help in initiating the culture of peace, tolerance, community resilience, intercultural and interfaith dialogues amongst youth with the aim of discouraging their participation in acts of violence and all forms of discrimination.

TTPFI was selected (February 2019) for African Union (AU) Trainings “Understanding The African Union: Upskilling of Civil Society Leaders To Engage In a Changing Context: Providing Understanding of the AU, Reforms & Implications on Citizen Engagement; Enhancing Capacities of CSO Leaders & Activists to Engage with AU; Identifying Opportunities for Enhanced Coordination with Civil Society; and Clarity of Linkages Between Policy Formulation & Implementation at the National Level) other Meetings (including High-Level Dialogues).

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